Client testimonial

"Ted worked for me at HSN as a Sr Oracle Developer (consultant). After the first 2 weeks I started receiving excellent feedback from my client (HSN). He exceeded all expectations and I will always turn to Ted first if I need Sr Oracle expertise."

Bob Quinn Account Manager

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"Edmund is a highly capable and very knowledgeable Software Developer. I worked closely with him while he was on contract at HSN. He is someone I could depend upon for expert advice and timely resolution of issues."

Miladin Modrakovic Sr. Prin. ASE, ACS Global Delivery, Engineered Systems & Cloud Solutions at Oracle

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"Ted Skeen possesses a strong knowledge of the PL/SQL language and the Oracle RDBMS in both a Windows and Unix environment. He has a strong work ethic and goes above and beyond to deliver outstanding solutions. He has a strong knowledge and understanding of Explain Plan and the Cost Based Optimizer and utilizes this knowledge to produce well tuned code. He is well versed in using visual editors to walk through the code in a debug mode and is also familiar with using a session browser to observe and collect metrics on code snippets as they execute. He is one of the only Engineers I have worked with that makes full functional use of the CRUD Matrix, including successfully applying the results. Ted is very professional and has superb communication skills. Overall Ted Skeen is a dependable and valued employee."

Steven Wagner Systems Analyst/Programmer at Publix Supermarkets, Inc.